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I have many great brands of makeup that I bought on QVC, but, would like to know if it is recommended to wear "Spackle" underneath either the "Mineral Powder or Liquid make ups? Also, Laura recommends the "Tinted Bronze" and I am very fair and don't know if the original or luminous spacke would be better for me?  Thanks y'all!

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Love Laura and have bought her products for years. Unfortunately, SPACKLE did nothing 

for me.

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I tried spackle a number of times but never did a thing for my complexion.  It always balled up.

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I like the champagne or ertheal spackle. I am fair complected. Sometimes I just wear the spackle and no foundation. I use IT cosmetics CC cream luminous as foundation.
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  I love the Spackle.My favorite is the bronze color. The trick is to put on a thin layer & give it a few minutes to set,then follow with foundation. Sometimes when I don't use foundation I use a little extra Spackle & follow up with my concealer .


 I find that the Spackle gives my face a nice healthy glow. 



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Just threw out 2nd tube of it.  Dumb me listened to the ya's o f vendor twice ......

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Purchased once and returned it. It did nothing for me and in fact looked worse. 

I've bought her Balance & Brighten in a kit with eye liner and blush. I kept it but have just used it occassionally, sometimes lightly over other foundations. I purchased her Kajal eye liners and they were just awful. I tried them several times and were very bad for me.I've kept them but what a waste.Never after.

I know she has a big following but not everything works for everybody. I notice when she does Jane T. makeup, I think Jane looks like she was dipped in flour. Jane raves but nothing makes her look better with Laura's. I don't think the older models look improved, either. 

For me, you can talk about it being baked into a hydrating cream, but on me and older others I've seen, it looks like it emphasizes and lands in every wrinkle. 

I like Laura and I nevertheless watch her for interesting knowledge, but I don't buy.

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I know they go on about using the spackle first and I have purchased it but really don't feel like I need it.  I just use a good moisturizer and/or sunscreen and allow quite a few minutes for it to set.  Then I use 2 shades of the Balance and Brighten powder.  I apply it very lightly and I think it does well on my 71 year old skin.  Nothing is perfection on me these days but I really like it, especially in the summer.  I have heard others say they use one of the tinted spackles in place of foundation, but I never tried that.  

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@ellaphant   My experience is exactly the same.  I absolutely love Laura Geller baked powders including floundation, blush and bronzer. They glide across my skin without being heavy and cakey.  Like you my experience with spackle however did nothing for me.  I sweep the Golden Medium foundation on & then add either the blush-n-brighten or bronze-n-brighten to finish the look - fast and easy!

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I have used Spackle on and off for years. Right now I have the diamond spackle from a LG TSV kit from last year and its ok. I usually use it to thin out liquid foundation as that  is way to thick for me. The spackle, or primer I really like is by Smashbox. But I have a few other primers from various brands that I think work better and one is tinted--I am a light warm skin color so a little color is nice. I haven't had any balling of products while using the primer--I just let is set for a few minutes before adding to it.