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Does anyone use this brand?  Its a deal today at GMA...  A makeup artist I follow in IG @ericatayhlor2347 has mentioned it but not sure what she likes from the brand...

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I had a few sample products and was not impressed. I never purchased the full size. Sephora sells the brand if you want to read some reviews.

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Re: Kosas Cosmetics

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I tried to get the concealer to work....ended up tossing it.

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The Kosas foundation is very moisturizing. Both Kosas and Bliss are good cruelty-free brands. 

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I don't care for the foundation at all. It was okay at first but I found ones that I liked better . I like the Pressed Powder I bought from them but I use powder very seldomly. The concealer was okay at first but quickly spoiled as in developing a mildew smell. Same for the foundation. I also have a lip oil that I liked but then, like the other products from the line, went bad. It's a clean line and appears to be a little too clean as the products don't last very long.  I will not be purchasing anything else from them.