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I think it is brilliant.

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Don't know, don't care.  I think it's cute.  But the bottom line is I would buy one or two of those colors, priced within reason.

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I think they are trying to appeal to a younger demographic. I don't think they are abandoning their loyal customers, just reaching out to the Gen Z and Millenials. If just one Influencer with a very large following endorses the new line, sales will skyrocket. Look at what happened to Kayali Perfume and many Too Faced palettes. 


Personally, I don't care about the design on the lipstick case as long as it's not offensive. I care about the quality and color of the lipstick, if the lid stays on the case, and bonus points for a strong magnetic lid. Those who are talking about being embarrassed pulling the lipstick out of their bag. I have an old (1980's) lipstick case holder from Mary Kay. It's tattered and torn but it's the perfect size for any of my lipsticks, easy to find in my bag and has a mirror. I've bought similar cases but none are as versatile as my old Mary Kay case. I pull it out of my bag without hesitation. After all, it's vintage.

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Well I feel stupid lol......