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Thank you!! I'm definitely going to try it a few different ways because I'm like you and believe my makeup foundation just doesn't seem to stay as long when I use the oil in the daytime regimen 

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I've used Josie's products for 5 years.  When the air is dry at night (like now) I layer on the hydrating products: 1) Cleanse with a balm, 2) use Argan Milk, 3) use Face Butter, 4) use Oil, 3-4 drops patted on face.  I use the Divine Drip on my neck.  I think it's important to keep skin hydrated during dry conditions (indoors or outdoors).  I would NOT put my makeup over top of all the Nighttime products though.  I like the results I've gotten from Josie's products; my skin is in good shape for my age.