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I am in love with this product and love the scents she does.  The watermelon is AMAZING!  I am using Juicy Mango now and its wonderful too.  I really love her products.


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@Sunnycorle  Same here -- I get my Super Size in an Auto Delivery kit, along with the Milk, Oil and Mascara. It's the only face cream I use at night and follow Josie's directions:

First - Milk on clean skin

Second - Face Butter

Third - Oil

It's basic, simple and quick.  Sometimes I use a Peel Pad after cleansing. This regime works great for my skin and I think it's improving over time. (I love the Mango scent too!).

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For some reason, this product just didn't work on my skin.  I love her body butters but not the face butter.  


My skin felt more dry after using this product.  

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Re: Josie Maran Face Butter

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I Love & use Josies product line. But I can not use her Face Butter. It caused breakouts & dryness for me at age 57.  Yet I can use her unscented body butter on my face, which makes my skin moist & supple with no breakouts. I also have the same problem with Josies Argan Milk. It makes my face break out. But I can use the Argan Milk for BODY on my face with no breakouts . Just smooth, soft, hydrated skin. I only use Josies products, nothing else. My skin is the best it's ever been.