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@sueinsf wrote:

I have never found any product that works on wrinkles.  Does this actually help existing wrinkles or is it more for preventing future wrinkles?


ETA: Now sold out

@sueinsf - yes, it looks like it sold out. 

I don't have deep wrinkles so I can't comment on how this works for deep wrinkles. Like everything, YMMV


I use it the way Manuela does for her neck 'bands' - it's cumulative and of course it's not a one and done


If you're interested, try it in one of the small bottle kits they offer occasionally. 

I'm wondering what happened to her Anniversary event? ISOMERS August used to be a must shop event 

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Hello all,

I ordered the simple science

anti-aging duo, we'll see how it works..

anniversary is in September

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Not sure why ShopHQ charges more to ship out a bottle of serum than HSN is charging to ship out a recumbant bike (their TSV).  I really do like Isomers, and still buy from time to time, but the shipping charges have really slowed down my purchases. 

Do the math.
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I just now ordered it. It says Almost gone but it is not sold out yet.