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You're welcome, MidNight.
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On 3/25/2015 lyn in MI said:
On 3/25/2015 MrsCat21 said:
On 3/25/2015 lyn in MI said: I'm on week 3 with Immortal and the biggest change I've seen is with the tiny broken caps on my upper cheek area. They are dimishing!! So much so that my plan to book an appointment with my derm for a laser treatment to zap them is now on hold.<br /> <br /> I received the new eye duo last week and began using it AM and PM. I am impressed! I'm currently using the duo on it's own, so I can compare their results to my regular eye routine.

HI Lyn!! What eye duo are you referring to? Are you already using Immortal eye? The email said it was being launched on March 27th...

Yes, I ordered ISOMERS Skincare Mesmer-Eyez Eye Formula & Immortal Eye Zone Booster Firming Duo - 309-912 on the 17th and received it on Saturday.

Thanks for the info lyn! Good to see you posting again {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}