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Does anyone know if the brushes are washable? I love these brushes more than any other brand but was wondering if any of you have washed the brush heads. I'm thinking specifically of the foundation brush.

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I have the It set of brushes and have washed them many times in Dawn dishwashing liquid, and I have used shampoo. The foundation brush may require two washings, but I wash mine weekly. On a daily basis, I use a baby wipe to get most of the excess foundation off.

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I wash my brushes in Purity by Philosophy (if you use it) and another suggestion given to me was use baby shampoo...

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I wash mine with antibacterial liquid hand soap.

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I use The Masters brush cleanser. Available at most craft stores like Hobby Lobby, and Michaels. Cleans better than anything else I've tried.
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I wash mine with dawn and virgin olive oil . i also use the sigma cleaning glove . i found this method on you tube , does a great job just make sure to lay brushes down or hang them brushes pointed down. it brushes are wonderful and will last a long time if they're taking care of. just make sure not to get the necks of the brushes wet or the hairs will fall out. if you get a chance watch the youtube's videos to see how it's done.

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I use Dr. Bonner and have had no trouble at all with my brushes.

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I love IT brushes and I've cleaned mine several times. Since I can no longer use Purity on my face that is what I use to clean them. Until I run out. Then I'll have to do something else.
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I wash mine once a week with Dr Bronners.They are fine

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Yes please always wash your brushes. Do not use harsh anti bacterial soaps though. Dr Bonners magic soap bar is perfect for brushes. There are several videos on youtube using this if you need some methodology to it.

Anti bacterial soaps are really not necessary for hands either, scientists have confirmed that regular soap is just fine and soaps with triclosan and other harsh ingredients aren't necessary