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IT Cosmetics - Hydrolized Collogen (?) & Dog Hair Brushes

First my apologies - I am not spelling Hydrolized Collegon corretly (?) - but after calling the company - IT Cosmetics - they used cosmetic grade hydrolized collegon - which comes from pigs/cows - this is IT Cosmetics information to me - they gave it to me because I am Licensed Nutrionist - this is NOT something they would give to the average consumer.

I was curious because it seems that this is one of the "buzz" ingredients in many skincare products - all of which come from pigs/cows.

Personally I do not use any skincare/makeup - but I was just wondering if knowing how/where/what the ingredients are make a different in you using them - for me I could not put this on my face.

Also, on another note, animal hair brushes (which are now made from dog hair because it is cheaper) - 100% Pure have a horrible video showing how cruel the process is taking hair from animals, including dogs - I have, when I do use any products, used non-animal brushes - again does knowing that your brush (I KNOW BareEssentuals BRUSHED are ALL MADE FROM DOG HAIR) bother anybody?

The above is why I stopped, actually never started, using products - the ingredients, the animal testing, the chemicals - YUK.......

I have lived a chemical free (in terms of anything I put on my body/hair, skin), only clean my house with steam for 20 years and I feel SO MUCH BETTER it is amazing!

Have a wonderful weekend...and thanks in advance for your opinions - I appreciate you taking the time, if you respond...