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But how do you NOT cut the dry ragged cuticles during the healing process?


I have not had any success with cuticle removers. Must be doing something wrong. 

@granddi I use a fine nail file and carefully sand them down when needed.

I just tried this and I think it will work.

I've been pushing back the dry cuticles and did just what you said.

Used the fine side of a file and gently went over the rough areas.

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The only thing that has ever helped me is taking Andrew Lessman's Hair Skin and Nails vitamins. Every winter used to be a nightmare and when the cuticles got bad I would become a "biter".  I never bit my nails but couldn't stand to see those cuticles. I put everything on them all day long with no luck. These vitamins worked wonders and my nails are gorgeous. Takes a few weeks to see results but the wait is worth it.


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@Tricolorisn’t that cnd rescue rx only for nails to get stronger? If it’s helping the cuticle dryness and ugliness I will try it because I have it in my stash.

Even though it says it is to make nails stronger, my nail tech recommended it for dryness. It has worked better than any oil that i have used.