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Have you ever been surprised by a purchase....

...that you think you will love and totally don't or the opposite, that you order something with trepidation, fearing that you will not like it but end up totally loving it??

I only purchased a few holiday things this year, (trying to budget I guess) but I did try gingerbread girl, 3 in 1 and lotion because I am a huge fan of the gingerbread man fragrance and assumed I would love this too. I keep trying GBG and I feel like I am forcing myself to use it but I honestly preferred the GBM. I think there is just a bit too much citrusy spicy notes with the GBG which makes no sense since I love citrus and love spicy notes too. I also tried holiday spice and everything nice which I am so glad I was able to purchase earlier in the year while it was still available in the 16 oz size and it is the best christmas scent of all to me. I love the citrusy spicy in that one but it seems to be more balanced and full compare to GBG. There is just no comparison to me.

At the same time I purchased GBG, there was some discussions on the board about the melting marshmallow scent and how it might be similar to a few scents I love but then many people stated there was a definite "chocolate note" in it. I have always avoided chocolate scents..don't really care for them but I ordered the melting marshmallow lotion anyway on the slim chance I would like it and if not my daughter would.

So of course, I LOVE the MM for some reason and the GBG not so much. I have almost none of the MM left and poor GMG sits on a shelf neglected.

Anyway has this ever happened to you?