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I just started using Active Argan Hand Cream, I like it. 


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@shaggygirl wrote:

Speaking of dry skin, now that the colder weather is here and I'm back into socks.....omg it snows when I pull the socks inside out. 

@shaggygirl and @goldensrbest - I struggled with dry skin on my feet for years. I exfoliated almost every night, slathered cream on, and once in a while put socks on. (I didn't want to climb into bed with them on every night!)


When I started getting monthly pedicures the owner of the salon told me to use Vicks! I thought she meant Vaseline, but she meant Vicks! I've been using it ever since- every morning. It has made a huge difference! My heels are soft and they no longer hurt.  Smiley Happy

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I recently went back to an old standby that I had forgotten about.

Gloves In a Bottle.

I like it because it can last through a couple of hand washings. Saves my cuticles!

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Lately I've been using Beekman 1802 hand creams that I got in a kit from HSN.


I opened the Pure Goat Milk tube and the Ylang and Tuberose and have been alternating betwwen them.


The Pure is unscented and the Ylang and Tuberose smells so beautiful besides soaking into my skin.


Both of the Beekman creams do that. You just need a small amount, and they stay on through washing your hands, too.


I also have a J.R. Watkins Lemon hand cream that I also really like and that smells so lovely. It's also an aromatherapy experience, too.


If you like yummy smells, this will do it for you, as it's a cheerful scent and it reminds me of lemon pie or lemon cookies or something like that. Smiley Very Happy

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@50Mickey     Thanks for the tip !  I just ordered some from Bath and Body Works !

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@ID2  I ordered some from Amazon as per your recommendation. A goat milk product and comes from Costco.  They had some nice kits. Thank you for the suggestion.

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Gold Bond.   I understand Aveeno is also good.

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@QVCKitty.... Joan's hand cream was called "Magic" I think. For me it was absolutely magic. My hands never looked or felt better!
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I love the small tubes of Bath and Body Works hand cream, specfically the parrafin and the hyuralonic acid ones. They're non greasy and feel really good on the skin.


I also use Gold Bond lotion for diabetics since I am diabetic, and my skin can get drier than the Sahara desert!