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Dear Nick,

I find that the one relaxer that makes my hair swing like Rachel's, and grow like a flower garden is now off the market in the USA. It was gilettes's curl free. Ogilvie is taking over the formula, but very conservatively. My hair will probably grow at one inch per month at this rate instead of 4 inches per 5-6 weeks with Curl Free. It used largely acacia powder Uric Acid, and Honey. Could you get together with Borghese, and with the Swedish market which uses it for hair straightening (Afr. Am. ) and growth profusely, so I can purchase it from QVC, Nick Chavez Product Lines? I look forward to your reply. Also, bro in faith, this is for a Christian role for the Vatican and I need LONG hair. Can you tell me where I can get hold of old boxes of Curl Free that they say are for sale, but they will not release for purchase, my only other hope is our Holy Father the Pope, to whom I have appealed. by the way, will you send him an express Christmas Card, and your favorite Christmas Fudge? Enough for 4, he shares with his top 4 advisors, one piece each. Don't be afraid to include white chocolate fudge, anything by the handful so he knows you chose for him personally, and carefully.

Merry Marian Joshuan Holiday aka Merry Christmas!