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Ok so I bought the last Wen TSV.... have been watching the shows for a while now and thought why not, I have extra time to return if I dont like. I normally use Kerastase shampoo and conditioner and love it. That is even more expensive than I was not sure how this would help my hair. I have very long dark brunette hair and i occasionally put highlights in it depending on the season but i always do color. It is very thick and I always use a straightener etc. Well I used the new Pommegranet and I thought it was wierd. It reaked of menthol, but I tried to block it out. I really am on the fence. My hair doesnt look bad... It does have a little more bounce I guess, but my hair feels thinner. Im just not sure.... Any suggestions? Has anyone else used Kerastase and then tried Wen? Just not sure if I really love it yet and My hair looks good with Kerastase too.