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Any feedback about the last TSV hair max about a month ago?  I was away and have not used mine yet...hestiant to try it for several reasons....I read where there can be shedding at first and i can't afford to lose more hair.  Second, I worry about all things "unnatural" because I am a stage 1 breast cancer survivor.  Are lasers safe?  Of course the company will say so... would really like this to work...

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Re: Hair Max feedback

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I'm just starting week 5 today. I wash my hair in the bathroom sink and have a hair catcher over the drain. I only shampoo twice a week but I did notice the last couple of shampoos and again this morning way less hair in the catcher than before I started using it.


If there was any more than normal shedding initially I didn't notice it. Read the info that came with it and you'll see they claim only some people experience a small increase in shedding after the 2nd or 3rd week of use but it's a good sign that the old weakened hair is shedding to make room for new healthier hair.


Sorry but I can't speak to your other concerns except to say I'm not worried. But if you are because of your cancer history best thing is probably to speak to your primary doctor or oncologist.

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I am losing hair at the same rate as I did before the device.  Too soon to see any results, but it is sure easy to do.


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I have used my Hairmax for about four to five years now. I never had any shedding in the beginning or at any time after using it. I have only positive things to say about it. I would not go without using it...ever.