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Oh Geeze, I pay $115 here in stylist has been cutting my hair for the last 15 years and this is his discounted price for his longtime clients. The beauty of his cuts are that they are exceptionally precise and grow out beautifully...consequently, I only need to go twice a year. His clients fly in from allover the country..yes, he's that good and I would never trust my hair to anyone else. I did "cheat" on him a few times over the years and I always regretted it lol!!
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I pay $90 for highlight and low lights with foil and a color to cover my roots all around. That also includes cut and blow dry. Used to pay over $200 at a different place.

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I live in a pretty affluent area of Scottsdale AZ and we do have the Super Cuts, and a bunch of other store front operations where you can get a cut and color in the $25 range.

We are fortunate to have a couple of first class salons that are full service (nails, massages, etc) and the operators are top notch because they stay current on expanding their education through classes and use only the best products and have a loyal and faithful clientele.

The going rate for a cut (I have short hair),+ 10 minute color (the absolutely greatest thing to ever be invented) is $110 plus $15 tip to stylest and $5 tip to shanpoo girl. The salon is immaculate, restful and "non-chatty. They play ambient music quietly and the whole place is a delightful experience. I've been going there for 9 years and when they heard my daughter passed away,I got a call to get myself over for an immediate (overdu] cut and color.."they weren't having me going to her funeral looling like THAT". Never charged me. Bottom line is that you will pay more for top quality skills and products and having a relaxing experience goes a long way too. I find it totally worth every penny.

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I go to Vidal Sassoon in Atlanta and I pay $78 for a cut. It's well worth it as far as I'm concerned. I've gone the Great Clips route for less than $20, but it had no where near the style I now have. I have a shorter haircut and my stylist spends a good hour on my hair and it shows. I'm very happy and gladly pay the $78 plus a $20 tip.

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I agree with the OP when she said that she can't seem to get a decent haircut! I live in a country area, and if you just want a normal trim and/or hair cut, you can't seem to find anyone decent.

I have very long hair -- no layers at all. And bangs. The left side of my hair has been cut way shorter than my right! My bangs are never right and never cut the same way twice.

I recently went to Walmart and asked for my bangs to be trimmed only. It took her about 40 seconds and she charged me $9.99. The same as if I had gotten a full cut! I don't think that is fair.

I used to go to Penneys and they would do bangs for free. Which was wonderful because the bangs grow out terribly fast and I hate paying for a full hair cut when I only when a tiny snip and it takes them less than a minute! But, then our Penneys closed.

Nowadays. they don't even want to wash your hair, and even when they do, they do a terrible job --- not even washing underneath and in the back where you really need it. Pouring a ton of shampoo in it, scrubbing like they are doing laundry on a washboard, and never get it rinsed throughly.

Then, they are so rough, pulling and yanking at your hair when they have to comb it out. I finally got fed up one day, and said --- please -- just stop for a moment --- would you like it if someone were yanking and ripping at your hair like that????? It does not feel good --- at all.

Getting a full service is next to impossible unless you go to a salon in another town and they they charge you well over $100 for a wash, cut and blow dry.

My last full trim was $24 and they did nothing else. No styling, washing or blow drying. I washed my own hair before I went and all they had to do was snip it a little and then did not even blow dry it.

I am totally disgusted every time I have to go for a trim any where.

As for getting coloring in a salon? Forget that! They could never get a decent color on me. The last time I had color in a salon they turned my hair the shade of a pumpkin!!! They took forever and charged about $100 for that. So, now I do it at home for about $10.00.

I know some people enjoy going to get their hair done. Not me!!!!!

Sorry this is so long, but as you can tell, this is a sore spot with me!!!

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I get my hair cut & colored every 6-8 weeks. It's $95 for everything.
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Wow! $32.00 is a bargain. I get my hair cut in Las Vegas and it's $100 with the tip, It depends on the size of the town or city where you are. The larger the city. the more the salon charges.

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Wear a wig. I cut my own hair. Don't have to pay for hair products except shampoo. No coloring, trims, perms. What I save more than pays for a new wig a couple of times a year. No more bad hair days!
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Trim for me is about $45 before tip. When I get my color highlights done, it is about $135 before tip.

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On 11/16/2014 feline groovy said:
On 11/16/2014 Boehm Collecter said:

I have been going the same stylist for many, many years. She charges $16.00 for a trim and $16.00 for a touch up (this includes a shampoo). She lets me bring my own hair color for her to apply.

That's great; she's a keeper for sure. 8)

Many hairdressers actually refuse to use products that aren't the salon's, but maybe the owners of small independent businesses are understanding about it.

Yes, she certainly is a keeper!!! She even helped me choose the right hair color shade for my skin tone.