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@violann wrote:




I have dyed my hair in the past. I have let my hair grow out in its natural white-in-front-brown/black/gray-in-back.


Now, I’m thinking to try a bright silver-platinum-rose gold color, hoping to blend in with the bald spots on my crown. 






Rather than deal with the white/brown issue - I opted to lighten my hair to camouflage the white.  I use Feria because it gives me the best results.  It colors the white hair to a pretty beige blonde and lightens the brown enough so it looks like my hair is naturally highlighted.   What I didn't want is to end up with a head of hair that was all one color - that looks so unnatural.  I have used Feria #91 for years.  Amazon has the best prices.


From their website:  "A twist on the traditional, Feria offers multi-tonal, shimmering colors that never wreck or ravage. With bold shades ranging from our deepest blue blacks to platinum blondes, Feria hair color products are inspired by cutting-edge fashion and the latest trends."

lorealparisusa dot com/products/hair-color/brand/feria.aspx


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TOTALLY AGREE @ALRATIBA- Heading for a look.......

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I just bought a Henna Hair color kit. LOL!!! Have not tried it yet. Just a bit leary. Never tried Henna before. Anyone have any Tips?

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I have only used neutral henna that used to come in a tin.  It did not change my color but my hair became coarse. Henna bonds with the keratin which makes up the hair, it doesn't wash out like hair dye.  if you don't like the results from Henna you may not be able to color over it.  It has to grown out or be cut out because it will react with the chemicals used in hair dye. Hair may turn a bad color. 

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You can use Henna to color over henna'd hair though -  just not regular hair color

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Re: Hair Coloring

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maestra,  thanks for telling me what I should get at Sally's.  I knew there was something for resistant gray from years ago but never looked into it.  Sure wish the beauty supply that closed was still open, they were very good with color.


I have checked out the Ion at Sally's but didn't see a shade that i wanted.  I also did check out the loreal site and that didn't have a color in the Fiera.  I've been on a lot of sites trying to decide what to get.  I was going to use Nice and Easy but after reading the reviews thought that the loreal was better.  Really don't like not knowing how much ammonia is in the Loreal but for now will use it and then go to a different Sally's and see if the girl can help me.   I tried to get onto the site last night and it said my password was wrong so thought there was something going on at qvc.  Today it said the same thing so I had to change the password.   

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I use a professional stylist....pricey but I can't seem to do the color properly myself. 

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@Carmie wrote:

Sem-permanent hair color is designed to gradually wash out of your hair after a month of  shampoos.  It does not contain enough peroxide to provide color lift and will not lighten your hair.


What is does it paint a color on top of the cuticle layer without depositing color to the cuticle layer.


if you have an inch and a half of gray hair at the roots and the rest of the hair is ash brown, that leads me to believe that you have not applied color in about four months.  If that is true, the semi-permanent color has stained your gray hair color and you have been using this semi-permanent color for years.


It is always okay to apply a permanent color over a semi-permanent color.  The permanent color will penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair and can even lift the hair color and make it lighter than the natural color.


You should be able to apply permanent color all over your hair at one time with no problems.  I would, however, test it by mixing a small amount of color with the developer, equal amounts....use the cap of the color bottle to measure. Do not mix the whole bottle to do this test. Then apply to a small section of your hair from roots to the ends for the suggested amount of time.  Wash it out and dry your hair. if you like the results of the strand test, it I see okay to mix the rest of the color and apply.


After that, everytime time you apply the permanent color, apply to the roots only.  If your color needs refreshing, pull the color through to the ends for about 5 minutes every few months, but not everytime, or you will dry your hair out and cause damage.

@Carmie  Many years ago when I attempted to color all my grey roots myself w/ permanent color, the grey roots if more than 1/2” came out a different color than the rest of my hair. Since the roots are lighter, it stands to reason, it would take the color differently. Also the grey is virgin hair...the rest is porous and colored for years. It sucks up the color and becomes darker than what’s applied to roots. 


After awhile the grey hair becomes resistant to home coloring since the peroxide is not as strong as salon color. That’s when I decided to have a stylist color the roots. She used permanent color on the roots and Demi-permanent on the rest...why keep coloring hair that’s not grey? Eventually, I gave up the fight and just let it grow out to its natural grey/white/silver/color. Now just cuts to schedule.

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@mcducky wrote:

I use a professional stylist....pricey but I can't seem to do the color properly myself. 


I colored my own hair for years, and thought I did a great job.  It seemed like overnight my hair had that ombre look.  I colored one more time and had "hot roots".  Immediately I called my stylist.


I had so many vials of color and developer from Sally's it was sinful.  For some insane reason, I couldn't throw them out.  Finally about a year ago I tossed everything.