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I visited her website this morning. I will not be purchasing her lipsticks anymore. They are now $26 & $27. Plus all her other prices are up? I don't know about you but I have limits on what I will spend for a tube of lipstick so goodbye Bobbi.

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Yes, they just get a big head( like Judith and her jewelry) and greedy.

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Wow! Thats alot for lipstick! I love Burts Bees shimmers, I think they're $4!

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Don't blame you at all!

When prices get outrageous I trade down or wait for a gwp.

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While I DO like a lot of BB products, I have noticed that prices seem to be going up, too. If I LOVE a lippie and it's my fave of all time AND I wear it every single day of my life, then I don't mind paying the $$. However, I find that for a MU addict like myself, it is rare to have the "one & only" product in a particular category (at least for me b/c I am fickle).

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Honestly her prices are on par to other department store lippies. I love Chanel, and know the line is more, but if I like it, I purchase. Both of these lines are excellent, and I find I don't make mistakes with color at all.
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I think I'm also done. I haven't ordered anything since they changed the stick foundation. I've read comments from people who like it. I tried the new version, but the coverage wasn't the same. I always thought that was a core product that would remain. I've got one foundation stick left and have been experimenting with other brands. A lot of people seem to like Laura Mercier so I might try that. Loved the ease of the stick, though, but the coverage was a key component.

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I love her lipsticks but even on ebay they are costly. I am really liking the Missha lipsticks for 10.00. I don't have as many lip lines when I am using them because of all the oils they use in their products. I love BB gel liner but that's been going up also so I may have to try one from Korea.

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BB may be raising prices if she has an F&F on the horizon. Got BB's last TSV and I am not pleased - sorry I didn't return it - Laura Gellar is so easy, quick and reasonable with a very natural look unless you want to build. I also love Mally eyes anything - so got her last TSV.

Another line that is not as quality as some make it out is Trish McEvoy, so drying and low pigments.

Got a free kit from Laura Mercia and all the products were beautiful, if I ever run out of stuff she is next on my list.

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I guess you haven't seen Stila's new eye palette; they are 49.00! Her new mascara that I want to try is 25.00 Smiley Sad