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GoodSearch dot com -- and great coupons

I posted this info in the "Sephora 10% off code" thread but thought I'd post it separately, too. It's a great deal for your favorite charity AND you!

If you use GoodSearch ( instead of Google or Bing or whatever other search engine, every time you perform a search a penny goes to your favorite charity (if your charity is listed...or you can just choose a charity). Use the "web" option at the top. Find your cause, and you can choose to either register or not.

There's also a "store" option at the top.
--If you click on "store," there are all these categories on the side -- one of which is "Beauty, Health, and Fitness."
--Choose "Beauty" or whatever the sub-category you want is, then scroll to a store, then click on the "coupons" link for that store.
--Click on one of the coupons, and all the coupon codes are revealed.

Whether you click on the coupons link or just click on the store icon, the great thing is that when you go to a store from here, a percentage of your purchase is donated to your charity. For example, for Sephora it's 3.5-5%.

I have GoodSearch as my home page at both home and work. :-)