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Anyone know if there will be a TSV this year?  It's been in December the past few years...

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I brought two of the hand creams 16.00 a piece on the Q. 

Wasn't on special as a set.

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@lovestoshop65   I sure hope so because I love the tubs.  I will tell you though that Sephora has the big 8 ounce tubes today for $15 each, with free shipping.  Also, if you use Rakuten there is another 12% off so it's a really good deal.  

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I like the tubs as well because I can use the cream as a moisterizer on my face. 


Bought whatever bundle they offered during the last few Holiday seasons (2 tubs and small tubes) for a good price (don't recall exact price) so was looking forward to purchasing a similar bundle this year.



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Someone posted awhile ago that there will not be a FAB TSV or Bonus Buy. (I apologize as I forget who, and thank-you to the poster of this info).


I am sad about this as I ordered it on A/D when it was offered the past couple of years. I am expecting to receive the last A/D shipment from Last years' value during the last week of December. I am glad that I ordered 2 sets last year. (one set in Original and one set in Vanilla Peach).

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FAB website has some pretty good sale prices plus there are some items which are 30% off...cyber sale free shipping, too.

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Sales are great on their site. Got the big cleanser with the pump for a song. Their skincare works great for me
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@brandiwine I got the big cleanser, too. It is my favorite. 

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I also ordered last years TSV on auto delivery. My last shipment was canceled by QVC after being in process for several days (don't know why). I'm scheduled to receive the last shipment in December. I'll be curious if this one actually makes it to me or not. This cream is excellent for super dry and itchy skin. I love that it's not greasy at all like some others. Let's hope there is a change in plans and we DO get a TSV this year Smiley Happy
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I  just bought two 12 oz tubs of the grapefruit FAB at for $19 each.  They have free shipping over $35 so got free shipping too.


I think it's that price all weekend but check to be sure.