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@Shanus wrote:

My Mom wouldn't go out in the hallway across from her apartment to get the mail without a full face on. She was always like that. Maybe that's why I go so minimal most of the time.

@Shanus For 99 percent of the time I worked and put on makeup, it was 6 minutes tops and I was out the door.  I don't even know what people do to spend longer.


My mom took two hours (no lie!) to get dressed to go to the mall.  My dad would laugh because I'd be dressed and waiting and he's tease me about what was I thinking!  I could have ridden the horse another hour, showered and dressed and still had time to kill!



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@Sooner   LOL. Being in the "biz", I DO get some women wanting a full face, it's just not me. I have my "5 Minute Face" and the one I DO wear for clients mostly because they expect to see what I do and how. 

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It takes me about 15 minutes to apply moisturizer, concealer, eye shadow primer and eye shadow. You all must wear more makeup than I do if it takes that long. 


I don't use cleanser in the morning; just apply water on my face. 

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Shamus@ what is your five minute face? It's been so long since I wore a "full face" that it takes me longer. I used to do it in under ten minutes. Now I'm really doing my eyebrows well so that will add a minute.


I'm seventy seven and have toned down everything. It is actually more work. To quote Dolly Parton, "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap."


I have an amazing hairdresser. An angled bob ala Anna Wintour that I air dry and just use a hot comb on it when dry. So hair is like a minute to comb it.

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@lkat Yes you sneeze and look like "Mdam Ali" with yout black eyes!!!!