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Fango Masks - Anyone Still Using Them?

The scrubs and masks seemed to be so popular a number of years ago.  I think it was Evine (ShopHQ back then) that sold them and lot of ladies here used them.  I jumped on the bandwagon for awhile but eventually moved on.  


Is is anyone still using them? What kind of masks do you like today?

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Re: Fango Masks - Anyone Still Using Them?

borghese does make some great masks.

it is too bad evine does not have this brand anymore because i would keep buying them. even my daughters love them. i do still have one or two in my stash.


i am currently using more of the PTR masks.


have not thought to purchase borghese directly from their site or from macys or from another site.

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Re: Fango Masks - Anyone Still Using Them?



I still have three large jars from a long ago purchase....and two boxes of the travel size.


I had the dark green, light green and pink.  Sorry, don't remember the different ingredients, just colors Cat LOL


When I can remember to use them, I do.  Seems they last forever!  I've got to dig out my unopened containers and use them before they dry up or go bad.  I've probably had them for at least 2 years!


Cannot say I saw a big difference using them, but I never see a big difference no matter what I use. 


My skin is great already, so, short of it not aging, I don't have any hopes of dramtic changes.

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Re: Fango Masks - Anyone Still Using Them?

My favorite mask is Masque Vivant from Biologique Recherche.  They have several nice ones but this one gives my skin a nice glow. Pricey but, to me, worth it.