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The best product I've found is MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow. I use it to fill in and shape, and it is fantastic. It's a gel and goes on with one brush, similar to how mascara is packaged, so it's quick and easy. Their gel comes in several colors, and if you aren't sure they often have reps that can chat online to assist if necessary. I buy it online from a popular department store that does not have shipping charges on most beauty items. I wear this stuff everyday, all day to work and out. It stays on until I wash my face.

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I have been using NYX brow duo as well as their shaper stick.  Love the products and get them in a store locally. Either a Ricky's, bed bath and beyond or a drugstore

Great color choices.  Doesn't move all day

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Too Faced Bulletproof Brow is my favorite too!

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I've had very full brows most of my life and have only plucked the strays away. Then my tails started to shorten and become sparse so that's when I started using YBF brow pencil. I like it a lot for my "tails" perfectly for me.


How I got my tails to grow back...I've been applying Isomers Copper P serum on my lashes and brows, morning and night. It's been about three months since I started this and my lashes and brows are getting fuller and individual hairs are thicker, too. Honestly didn't think it would turn out this good but it did and I'm thankful.Woman Happy

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Every brow product mentioned here I have tried and own.  Love Anastasia, Benefit etc.  I'm always looking for the" best" brow product.  I purchased Fiona Stiles brow kit when aired on Q.  Love it!  Goes on easy, stays and I like the texture of the brow wax.  Since purchase I have not used my other brow products.  I think I'm liking it Smiley Very Happy

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I can recommend the kit by Anastasia (Brow Dip?) that comes with a fine pencil and a brush and two colors of powder. I get mine at Ulta.


I have heavy brows that are thinning and greying and they need to be groomed. I now don't go out without brow grooming--even if I don't do a full makeup.


There is a video by Nikkie Tutorials on how she does her brows. If you google that, you'll find it. It's very detailed and the method really makes for a beautiful, well-styled brow. 



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I have very thin brows from overplucking and thyroid problems.  I've used Anastasia Brow Powder Duo with their Duo Brush #12 for many many years.  I've never been tempted to try anything else.  This fills in completely and looks very natural.

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@Poodlepet2 wrote:

I have tried so many, because I have problem brows....I love Wander for eyebrows: it's a thin pencil, and works beautifully. Alas, I found I had to spend more time than I wanted to making my brows look right. I was in love with 100%Pure (evine), but for some inexplicable reason, it stopped working after two months. Maybe it began to dry out.


I was at the drug store and the Elf display caught my eye: how could I go wrong for a little over a dollar: I have used it for two months now, and I love it.  You get two shades ( I bought Deep) and it's fast and fixes my problems and does not come off. ( it washes off easily however). It does come with two little applicators-ok in a pinch, but I would recommend a Spooky and an angled brush-which I already have, but if you don't, their brushes will not break the bank.


LOVE ELF anything. You can't beat the price and the products are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way. Well worth a try.

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Not taking care of your brows can age a person. If they are done, you can get away with less make up. Yes, I have tried several produces, some high end and some not so much. I have to say Wunderbrow is what I and using and liking now. It is $21 but stays on until you take it off. You must use a spooley with it. 

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@namaste000 wrote:

Anastasia makes one of their eyebrow pencils in graphite - looks medium grey on me and I also have salt and pepper hair.

I swore by Anastasia brow wiz for years. Last year looked graphite my hair salt pepper more pepper. Even still! The shade was to dark.