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@QVCkitty1 wrote:

I received a sample of Benefit 's  Gimme Brow, and it is now my go to . My ebrows are light , sparse in some spots and wires in others, in other words a real PITA.  Gimme Brow makes my brows look normal, I just love it ❤️

I will second that or any product like it. I also like the Just For Men beard and mustache dye for my brows. What I do have is very blonde so I dye them darker so they actually show up! But filling them in with the mascara / fiber type brow products is terrific too as well as being quick and simple

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Be careful what you wish for.  For years I used Benefit's Instant Brow wooden pencil and desperately wanted an automatic.  So they came out with one, the lead is very short and doesn't go on as well as the wooden pencil.  They sure don't last very long.  So now the quest begins again.

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@Marebear54  I like the IT universal eyebrow pencil.  Depending on how hard or soft you press down, the lighter or darker it is....much like the YBF pencil but more natural looking IMO. 


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I never had to tweeze my brows to shape them, but they are long and tended to be unruly.  I had them trimmed when I had my hair cut.  Maybelline used to have a gel that was great.  Kept them neat.


Now - I trim them myself with one of those trimmer gadgets and since they are now white - dye them.  I put a dab of styling cream on an old toothbrush to tame them when necessary. 

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My problem is that I have a very fair cool complexion and salt & pepper hair (more salt than pepper) and my choices in brow colors are usually black, brown, red or taupe. Seldom do I see something that would compliment my coloring and taupe (often touted as a neutral) just looks brown on me. I'd like to see something in a light grey.

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that is what i use most of the time also......IT cosmetics brow pencil.

i also like tarte amazonian clay mousse.

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I swear by Hourglass' brow pencil. It's pricey but has a ton more product than other pencils on the market, so it lasts forever and is worth the price tag - like months and months of daily use.  It also is a unique shape and works on brows that are thin or thick and fills in great. Have used this for years. It also stays on through sweat and humid WI. summers. 

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Anastasia makes one of their eyebrow pencils in graphite - looks medium grey on me and I also have salt and pepper hair.

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I've also used YBF for years and have become disenchanted.   Brown are my greatest cosmetic problem.   I've tried all sorts of products but none has really been satisfactory.   I have a chicken pox scar in each eyebrow which pencils catch on and go wonky.   My "tails" are non-existent.   I need help. 

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@namaste000 wrote:

Anastasia makes one of their eyebrow pencils in graphite - looks medium grey on me and I also have salt and pepper hair.

@namaste000, that was my thought as well.

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