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So we all have talked about how hard it is to get the last quarter of wen out of the bottle as it wont pump. And i know all of us have ways to finish it up. So heres my latest idea. I had a quarter of a bottle left and i filled it up about half way with water. I shook it hard and pumped some out. Well because wen is so thick, the water really didnt thin it out much and i was able to pump it out. So i washed my hair and it worked just as good! So, i will keep diluting and probably use it as a light leave in as i open up my new bottle! I think its a great way to extend the life of a bottle.
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Now there's a good idea!

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Makes sense, especially as a first cleanse since you have to add a splash of water anyway. Did you double up on the number of pumps?

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I turn it upside down for a while (with a Philosophy 3 in 1 cap on it).

For me, it doesn't cleanse as well once it's diluted.

However, once it's really down to the end and I have gotten as much out as I can, then I add water and use the diluted product as my splash of water.


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I am new but I think when I get that low I may just start pounding it out and using it for shave cream or something.

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I have cut the bottle in half and scooped the CC out into a small plastic bowl that has a lid.

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I always dilute my Wen when it gets to the no pump zone. I add a decent amount of water and shake it really good. I use those diluted bottles for my first cleanse. I do use a few more pumps but I like that it easier to get a good scrub on! Lol! Then when I can no longer pump out the diluted mixture I add a touch more water and use it as a body wash on my arms and legs and shave with it. It's still hydrating on my skin.
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On 3/30/2015 Jhincher said:

I have cut the bottle in half and scooped the CC out into a small plastic bowl that has a lid.

I have done this too!

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OP, sounds like an idea that I will try. I hate fighting with the darn bottle. I use 32 oz. size bottles and it is always a challenge to tip them upside down and keep them that way until I finish the bottle and still have to shake like a crazy person

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The booklet that comes with every WEN product actually says to do this when you can't pump anymore. It also says to use more pumps to make up for the dilution.

I use a funnel to pour WEN from an old bottle into a new bottle as soon as there's room in it and save the dilution for bottles of formulas I don't have more of, like a seasonal.