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Are enlarged pores a part of the aging process?  Does it come with having oily skin?  I had larger pores as a teen and young adult but not now.  But, I have very dry skin (that I keep super hydrated and moisturizerized).  I'm asking because I just watched a Chris Gibson YT Short about shrinking pores.   

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Re: Enlarged Pores

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Most people with large pores have oily skin but not always. Larges pores can happen to anyone and especially if cleansing isn't done properly. 


As we age the skin gets loose and sags which causes the pores to stretch along with the skin. Lovely.

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I had enlarged pores and oily skin.  Looks better now, but some visible pores.  My skin is normal now.  Imo oily skin kept me from developing ill take that over dry wrinkled skin.  I have no wrinkles,  but some pores are visible...I keep my skin clean with glycolic cleansers, pads, etc.  I find a loose powder as a final touch helps conceal the look of any large pores.   My daughter just had a chemical peel at her dermatologist, and that helped with pores congestion and reduced pores size.

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Can also be a sign of sun damage...

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Many horrid, ghastly things can happen to skin as you age but I haven't heard of large pores being one of them.

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As you know, I also have dry skin after having oily/combo skin for years. I haven't worn foundation in 4 days. I was tired of the way my skin looked wearing foundation after many hours. No matter what I do, I cannot keep my skin hydrated for hours on end without adding some form of hydration during the day. So what's the point of foundation? My skin looks better now actually because I don't have foundation dried in the lines on my face. If I didn't have dark circles, I wouldn't wear concealer either.

To your point, I have read that enlarged pores can be part of the aging process. I did not have enlarged pores with oily skin when I was younger and I don't now.
How often do you hydrate your skin during the day whenever you are not wearing makeup may I ask? And with what? Do you add all the same products during the day that you use in the morning? I did buy a hydrating facial mist that I use at work but it doesn't do much but feel refreshing. Ty
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@monicakm   When I was growing up late teens, 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s my pores were invisible.  They started enlarging in my 60s and now early 70s.  I have no idea why but I do have a few larger pores.  Oh, the fun I have with the aging process and everything either going South or getting a new wrinkle.  LOL   

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