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@Shelbelle wrote:

Something here does not add up, I have been an avid Ebay buyer since 2004, I have never had a problem getting a refund on anything not to my satisfaction, expecially a never received item. hope you get a proper resolution.

Agree with @Shelbelle .  I've been a buyer (and seller) for many years on Ebay.  One time, I never received an item from a seller.  Seller never responded to me.  I took action and Ebay reimbursed me and took it up with the seller.


Ebay can't operate as a risky place to do business and be as successful as they are. 

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I've bought items from eBay for years and only had a problem with a seller for the first time a few months ago.  The handbag that was supposed to be new clearly wasn't ( or it was a second).  


Anyway, I contacted the seller through eBay and when the seller didn't make it right, eBay stepped in and refunded my money.  I donated the handbag.


I always use PayPal for eBay purchases, but it was ebay that actually took care of the refund. It was quick and easy and made me feel even more confident about future eBay purchases.

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I have dealt with ebay for years and only once been scammed...but I did get my money back.  The best thing I can tell you is to ONLY deal with Top Rated Sellers.  This means they have free returns, ship within one day, and have close to 100% feedback rating.  You won't be scammed by them.  Its important to them, to be honest and keep you happySmiley Happy  Since I learned that, I have had nothing but great transactions.

I hope this helps because you can get some great deals on eBaySmiley Happy

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@AnnMarie-1 wrote:

Thank you all, sorry this has happened to others


@Just Bling How do you go thru the ebay tranaction process?  Pay by Paypal?

PLEASE call E-Bay and get the CORRECT information straight from them.


These boards are not a tutorial for another website and I do not want to mislead you  or forget something and have someone correct me.

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Contacted e-bay...too old for any refund (said to contact my credit card)

(Only have 30 days after delivery date stated to get refund per e-bay)


Contacted Credit Card, they refunded my money



Stay with sellers who have sold a lot, not a few items & use Pay Pal 


I just bought a Buxom highlighter on e-bay & spent a couple dollars more to get a good seller with good feedback & received it in 4 days



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I have been a buyer and seller on EBay for many years. I find that most people are honest. It is true that the powers that be on EBay do mostly side with the buyer when there is a problem. So, you really don't have to fear shopping on Ebay. You are pretty much guaranteed to receive a refund if you are not satisfied with a purchase. 

As  a seller, I have only been dealt a raw deal a couple of times. 

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