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Just watching Dr. Denese on Beauty Night with Sandra & Alberti. To me, it seems she has had "work" done on her face. Does anyone know for sure if she has? She's a pretty lady, I'm just wondering if her skin care products are responsible  or if she has had surgical help to enhance her appearance. 

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No way products will give you that look :-)
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I've heard in the past that she has had cosmetic work done on her face.  Just like that woman that sells the Signature Club line on HSN has.  No way do their products that they sell has made them look like the way they are.  But I will say they both look beautiful.  

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She has admitted on TV many times that she has had work done.I appauld her for her honestly.

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Thanks for the confirmation. I don't judge or criticize her for it - if I could afford it I'm sure I would have a few procedures. I was just wondering if it was the result of using her products. It is nice that she has been honest and revealed the enhancements.

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I remember when she first got work done a few years ago , it was quite dramatic , then i noticed tonight she looks quite refreshed again , did anyone see Mel B had a procedure done a few weeks ago , no surgery but she looked like she had a facelift. You still need great skicare or you just look old and tight.

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Skincare does not do plastic surgery work!. No person in her right mind undergoes surgery and then neglects skincare.


I'm not sure that's what the OP's point is, but I've seen comments from many posters who seem to imply you can avoid surgery with good skincare.  Better to try to get good genes -  oh, wait, you can't do that either.

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I’m actually more interested if anyone has used her new collagen serum? Any feedback on the product?☺️

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@deerfeeder I met Dr. Denese at a Beauty Bash at QVC years ago. She is absolutely beautiful and seems so genuine. She is one of those people whom you gravitate toward because of her gentle nature.


Lovely lady.

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A couple of years ago, Dr. Denese was totally forthcoming about getting surgery on her eyelids.  I don't remember the actual name of the procedure, but she had extra skin that was interferring with her vision removed.  I had an uncle who had the same thing done.  Anyway, as far as I know that's all she's had done, medically speaking.  Remember though, even though someone may have cosmetic surgery to correct something like Dr. Denese did, or to amend the skin & facial structure, that doesn't elimiate the need for actual skin care.