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No, I don't. And that is one reason my derm says I have great skin with no signs of sun damage in my 40's. Some of my friends love that tan look and think that it hides their cellulite and makes them look younger (aren't these talking points from the fake tan produc people?? lol) but it doesn't and they don't. But it is their body, their choice. I personally choose my pretty paler skin. Smiley Happy Pale ladies unite! Smiley Very Happy

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I like a little tan for myself but not too dark.  I wear plenty of sunscreen when I go out, so I don't get a deep tan.

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I'm almost always the lightest shade in foundations (and some don't have a shade light enough for me) -- so I'm pale. Aesthetically, I do love a little tan to my skin. It just looks better, and I tan fairly easily (plus, I get freckles, and I just love the look of freckles) BUT, I no longer get tan because my skin health and keeping it looking young as I get older prevents me from doing so.  I work way too hard and put too much effort into my skincare to throw it all away by getting a tan. 

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I have never had a tan, so I have no idea what it would look like on me.  I am either pale or bright red.


I keep my skin covered up in the sun.  I wear long sleeves all year around if I am outside. I do wear shorts when outdoors, but I don't sit in the sun with them on.  


My DH on the other hand gets very dark as do my oldest two children. The youngest one is pale like me with my black hair.  Everyone assumes he colors his hair which annoys him to no end. He burns too. 

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No, I don't like the look. I think it looks unhealthy. 

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I only wish that I had been as wise as you are and had paid attention to my father when I was young. I was born in the Mediterranean and I have a very fair complexion however everyone was at the beach using Ambre Solaire. SPF was non existent and now I know what the cost is going to be...🌻.

I would say do not tamper with your health.

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i have an olive skintone that tans easily.

i prefer to look tan either by some natural sunlight OR by using the hsn tan towels.

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Re: Do You Like To Look Tan

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I do like the very slightest bit of color.


I'm doing great with San Tropez Express left on for one hour.


I haven't tanned much since my senior year in college when, in the mountains, I got burned in February no less, and had a sun stroke!  I was also in a design class and fabric had to be pinned skin tight to my entire body for me to get a form to do my project.  I would be sprayed in Solarcane, then they would have about five minutes to "pin " me before I became sensitive again.


To me, nothing looks worse than a hard tan.  I've seen several women that look like wood stain.

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I used to be a sun person in my teen, 20's and early 30's. Now in my midfle 50's, as little as possible. What little color I get, is from working in the yard. I remember in my teens, we would put baby oil on , and lay out in the sun. Talk about frying the skin. I've had a few major sunburns, not worth it. I am also fair skinned. Be HAPPY with who you are. 

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Stay out of the sun.  Besides the risk of getting and eventually dying of skin cancer, your skin will look like wrinkeled shoe leather..