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Re: Do You Like To Look Tan

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Cat HappyI never tanned but rather would get red and peel.  Once I had 2nd degree burns on my face, upper arms/neck and back.   Out in the country at a lake and playing games in the water with other people.  I was full of blisters and the pain was extreme.  In my early 20's I stopped laying in the sun.  Today I have very good skin and just wrinkles when smiling and I am 67.  I agree that the dark tan looks horrible but people have different taste as to what looks good.   Heart

you'd rather get red and peel? lol  wow! Keep that up and you're a great canidate for skin cancer. 


That's not what she said.  Read it again - She didn't say that she "would rather" get red and peel.  Instead, she said that she "rather would" get red and peel.  Totally different meaning.  In the second case it means that instead of getting tan, she would peel.

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Absolutely NO!  I'm very fair and very happy with how I look au naturale.