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Morning. Hope all are well. Had a good trip to W'burg after it starting out an almost-didn't make it!! We stopped at a rest area and when we were ready to hit the road, the car almost didn't start. Looked at dash and battery & other lights on; we were like uh-oh, hope it's not the alternator. Well, we got off at the next exit which is sometimes where we go to a mall shopping and there's lots of stores/businesses, etc. along the road. I just said I'm going to pull into one of the parking lots and we can use our phones to see if we can find a garage or ask someone as I knew if I turned off the car it wouldn't start again. So, we drove around some buildings and lo and behold there was a Merchant's Tires & Auto center. So, the guy came and checked the battery (had to jump us first) and alternator and sure enough, that was it. So, they were able to get us an alternator and get us back on the road. The Good Man Upstairs was certainly guiding the car to a place that could help us.

Went to the BE outlet and got some lip gloss for me and eye primer for my sister. I had chosen that day as my FAB 15% off day, but things were 20% off in store (for FAB, I forget). They were able to give me both. I wish there was more I wanted/needed, but just didn't need anything. I did get a small size loose shadow and I forget the name!! I got some walking/hiking boots at Clark's and some brown clogs that ended up being $17.50 with the buy one, get 1/2 off a 2d pair. Clark's for less than $18, wow! Glad I did that deal. Got a few things @ Harry & David that we'll gift to neighbors. DH got a tan dress coat that I'll give him for Crhistmas.

Well, have a good day/week. Sure would like to see more ladies here. So many views, so few replies.

HELLO, FLUFFY's MOM. Good to see you!


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Re: Daily Chat, Mon., 12/8/14

Good morning Bethee! Glad you had a nice trip to Williamsburg and thankfully you didn't break down on the expressway! I didn't take advantage of the boutique discount, although I need some skincare. DD has Bareskin foundation & the creamy concealer on her xmas list too!

I made it to the cemetery Friday & put a birthday decoration on my dads grave. I also visited several other relatives at the same cemetery, then took my mom out to her favorite Dim Sum place.

It was great to see you post Fluffy. I hope all is OK with you. Nascargirl was here last week! V, great to see you too! I've missed all of you. Please try to pop in more often!

I've got to fly. DS has a doctor appt. Then I've got to go to his school.

Enjoy your day BEauties!

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Re: Daily Chat, Mon., 12/8/14

Hi Ladies! So thankful that Santa Shop is over and I don't need to be an elf again until next year! I had a blast with the kids but I'm worn out. I need to go back and read the DC's from last week.

Bethee, wow. What a blessing that you weren't stranded. Enjoy the Clark's. They make some really comfy shoes! I was in a BE outlet in August and couldn't find a single thing that I wanted.

LovemyBE, you mentioned flowers for your dad's birthday. So sorry. No matter how long they have been gone it's still so painful to see their name on a cemetery stone. Mine has been gone 13 years. I hope that DS had a good doctor visit. DS and I just got home from his yearly well child visit. All is well with him..... I didn't buy anything with the F&F discount. I just don't need anything. I use Paula's Choice skincare and love it. I also like CeraVe pm moisturizer. DH also likes it.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful evening! Prayers

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Re: Daily Chat, Mon., 12/8/14

Hi, ladies. Darnit, I missed Fluffy AND NCG? Darn it! I was so swamped last week, plus had 2 days in a row at our client with the moldy office. ugh and more ugh! I hope Fluff and NCG are both well. I'll have to go back and read up!

Bethee, thank heaven that you were able to get the car taken care of and didn't get stuck. So, did you get to W'Burg to see the Christmas decorations? That's on my bucket list - to get there for Christmas.

I know what you mean. I was at the BE outlet in Hagerstown (waved hi to Junkie & Flunkie) and couldn't find a darn thing.

Karin, hi. It sounds like you had fun being an elf, but I hear you! It must have been tiring. Glad all is well with DS.

Love, I need to stop and visit mom's grave. It's been over 20 years since we lost her, and I still miss her every day.

Hugs, ladies!