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Not sure what to use. Didn't know Peter Thomas Roth was not cruelty free. I'm liking some of korres but what is everyone using.
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Isomers, Skinn, just to name 2. 

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Jan Marini Skincare is never tested on animals.


It’s so good that you’re conscientious and good luck in making the best choice for you.

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bella123 - if you look at you'll find many brands listed (many are available here or HSN)

Prai Beauty for example sold at HSN.



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Re: Cruelty free skincare

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Botanics which I get at Target online. I own the moisturizer with Rosehip oil and the exfoliator for mature skin and I also have an SPF moisturizer and also Rose Hydrating moisturizer by Fresh ---  You may be interested in which carries BWC (beauty without cruelty) and vegan products -- a wide variety.  I shop there often.

kindness is strength
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You can also try crueltyfreekitty dot com for CF products.

Currently I am using Skinn

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I use BioBare Vit C and their moisturizer. Very nice products.