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Cold pressed honey .  No such thing.   

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Not in the way we normally think of it but the term is used anyway and means that no heat was used in the processing on the honey. Most commercially sold honey has been heated.



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To what is this thread referring?  Did someone make a claim about it being used in a product?


It simply is another way to say cold-extracted or cold-processed honey (in other words, raw).

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Perlier shows a video of their Imperial Honey facial skin care line which shows that they stop the process and add unheated honey to their formula. Also, they talk about using real organic honey and not freeze dried honey, as most do. They stae that freeze dried, and heated honey are altered and not comparable to their unheated honey.

and their facial honey line is amazing, I love it. I use it in conjuction with Elysee.

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I thought the OP was referring to the Doll 10 lipstick duo presented last night. Doris kept saying it has cold pressed honey.

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@I1ST5XS  Haven't you ever had raw honey? It's the only kind of honey I buy or will eat. What is this thread about? The less expensive stuff on the grocery shelves is heated and not nearly as flavorful or as healthy. Try the raw honey; you'll taste the difference. 

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It would be helpful if the OP gave a bit more info on what she's referring to, rather than just making a blanket statement that could apply to several things. I'm definitely not a mind reader!