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I never had a Clarisonic but I thought about buying one many times over. I just didn't like having to replace the brushes so I never bought one. 


I bought a Pop Sonic Spade and I love it. Q sold it for $50, a while back, which is half the price it sells for on the PS website. I couldn't be happier. Never needs replacement anything and it stays charged for very, very long time.


Pop Sonic Spade - $99 on their website




How clean can this be if you never change the brush head? It doesn't sound good to me. Changing brush heads was not a deal breaker for me. You get clean brush heads. Using this for years with the same brush head, no, noSmiley Sad((

it is silicone so easy to clean  

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I still use my Clarisonic. My original one still works, although the silicone on/off pad stretched out. I also bought a LOGO limited edition print Mia. I love them and have several brushes left. I take the brush off after every use and clean the under part of the implement with alcohol, on a Q tip. This has kept it from getting gross all these years.  I am sure Clarisonic will be back at some point. Many companies that filed Chapter 11 resurface after awhile. I await their return as well. Maybe I'm just being hopeful because I don't want to think about what I will use when these 2 konk out or I run out of brushes! Don't like pop sonic items. They seem to be very cheaply made.

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Hi there! Go to the Mercari website. Replacement brushes can be purchased there.