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CellCeuticals - Discussion with Women/Men Who Use This Line

I am a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and I am doing some research on skincare.

I have some questions above the CellCeuticals line. The reviews are all very positive.

FYI - I am not wanting to start a bashing session - I tend to run towards more natural ingredient decks - I am collecting information on what certain chemicals do when applied to the skin and the impact this has on one's horomes.

FACT: Within 15 minutes of applying sunscreen you can detect it in a person's urine - that is true of most chemicals the body does not recognize. Plus as I am sure you all know the skin is the largest organ we have.

So back to CellCeuticals - I realized that you are getting great results. However, I will just pick one ingredient in the 3 piece kit that is being offered. SOLVANT is listed as an ingredient. I applaude them for actually using the word in parenthesis. Many Perricone products contain SOLVANT but use a fancy name for it.

Question: After using this line, given the fact that within 15 minutes something can pass through your skin into your urine. Have any of you noticed things like headaches, joint/muscle pain/discomfort, increased anxiety, are you have hormonal issues or any other thing you may be experiencing....or do you notice absolutely nothing?

Thank you in advance I very much appreciate any response....and would encourage all women and men (I am currently 50) to embrace their age, wrinkles, sagging skin, imperfections and all - it is better than finding out that these chemicals are impacting your lives.

Lastly, when I switch to an organic shampoo, fragrance free, along with a body wash, organic and fragrance free - within 48 hours some very severe symptoms I had dissappeared (that was over 10 years ago) - it REALLY does make a difference.

I hope everybody enjoys their day and Happy Friday.