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Re: Borghese is Back-9/28!

@youngjude wrote:

 Years ago, I had a friend who worked as an SA  at a Princess Marcella Borghese cosmetic counter at a Famous-Barr store in St. Louis, MO.  She would always give me samples of new products when they were introduced.  Although all of their products were excellent,  I fell in love with their glorious lipsticks and eyeshadows!  They went on and wore luxuriously.

When I moved away, I no longer has access to my lovely Princess Marcella Borghese cosmetics.  They were very expensive and not in my all.  One time I splurged on my favorite color of Borghese lipstick and used it until my lip brush had scraped ever last bit of lipstick down to the metal!  I don't know if they are still in business or not, haven't seen their cosmetics for years!   

I don't think this is the same Borghese as the one who sold body care for HSN.

Does anyone know?

Yes- it is the same Borghese! Beautiful products!