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Has anyone used the products from Bondi Boost??  I have seen them on the websites for Ulta and Sephora.  They look interesting.  thanks a bunch

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Re: Bondi Boost

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@ruthbe I used the original products they came out with years ago before they were at Ulta or Sephora.   I ordered the HG duo for anti-thinning ,the Miracle Hair Mask and the Intensive Spray.  As a reference, I have shoulder length hair that's fine, a bit wavy and highlighted.


I don't remember much about the conditioners but the shampoo was like all shampoos I've tried that are supposed to help with hair growth - it dried up my scalp and made it flaky.  I'm not sure why that happens because I have a fairly oily scalp, but it's happened with more than one brand.  I don't remember anything bad about the spray, but I didn't repurchase so I guess I didn't see any benefits from it either.  


I also ordered the heat protectant when I got the three barrel waver.  It works fine, but it's a very wet spray so it's not my favorite on dry hair.  I prefer it on damp hair before blow drying instead of using on dry hair before flat ironing or curling.


Most of their products have great reviews so it could be worth a try.  It looks like they have a lot more products than when I first discovered the brand.  Good luck if you decide to try.

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Re: Bondi Boost

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I use the Bondi Boost about once every two weeks or so for curly hair. As far as the curly hair products I do really like the shampoo and the conditioner. The curl cream is a iittle heavy for my hair so it's not a favorite but I can add water to dilute it some and it works ok. I do like the outcome I get from the shampoo and conditioner and will definetly re-order.


What line of Bondi Boost are you interested in?