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Sephora is offering a nice BB Beach gift set for $75 through 5/11 for beauty insiders.

This set contains:
- 1.7 oz Beach Body Scrub
- 1.7 oz Beach Eau de Parfum
- 1.7 oz Beach Body Lotion
- 1.7 oz Beach Shower Gel

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Wow! The edp is usually $70 just by itself. I might have to think seriously about this. I have a discount I need to use soon on an order, or lose it.

Thanks, Elvis! Smiley Happy

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I ordered and received this gift set this week to try the fragrance that gets so many raves. Also, Mrrebates was giving a 15% rebate for Sephora. The sizes of everything are very small and, other than the perfume, won't last more than a week. I like the fragrance. Don't love it. Not crazy about the top notes but it does dry down to a nice beachy scent. Good summer fragrance. Not sure if I'll be reordering.

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I got it. Smiley Happy