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hi @10sluvr I agree.  Some of my favorite things are L'Oreal (Mascara) or Revlon.(lash curler)


I will probably buy something from Kim's new line.  I found her Belle Beauty line nice but hit or miss at times.  Just like other brands.    


She is handling the Bells Palsy like I'd expect from someone that promotes beauty from within and dressing to flatter your shape.  I hope it heals.  I think it's very possible it will go away.  And gosh it's not like she isn't working those muscles.  LOL


I actually thought it started looking less droopy as last night's (1/13) show went on.  But how would I really know... ha.

years ago, my bro got bell's from having the flu. it was gone in a couple of weeks and no after effects. She is doing great, a real trooper. No one describes her fashion like her.


I need a new lipstick(need?) so looking forward to her line. Someone mentioned TSV so maybe a sampling of several items.

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Re: Belle Beauty

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Looking forward to seeing it too! I hope it's focused to mature skin. I need coverage but most products are too thick - they cover but look cakey. 
The best concealer I have- don't laugh... is a Mary Kay product called  foundation. It has a thinner, liquidity consistency, covers but not cakey!  I have Mally  brightener plush pen that is pretty good too. I try them all but most are too thick, they do cover but look terrible on me. Admittedly I have crepey textured skin d/t sun damage as a kid! 

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Re: Belle Beauty

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I'm not a fan of her eyeliners.  They dried out pretty quickly and one broke off mid-lining.  I tried to use one this morning on my lower lash line and had to grab a Laura Geller one instead. 


I do have a mascara of hers I like for my lower lashes though.  The brush style seems to find them the best. 

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I bought her magnetic false eyelashes. I watched her video on her website and on QVC at least 12x.
I wore them on NYE and one of them fell off and I couldn't get it back on.
I would still buy them because they are pretty easy to apply, I just need to use them more often.