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Anyone know when the next visit is?  Also has anyone gotten the last Bounty Box from Evine?  Mine has shipped but I haven't seen any reviews.  Thanks.

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You can search HSN's program guide and it shows them being on several times a day over the next few days.


They will be on Friday with Host's Holiday Picks. 


Several shows Saturday throughout next week.  


I believe they have a TSV on Wednesday for goat poop candy (no joke).



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Goat Poop candy - how appetizing is that ladies??? Don’t ya just want some??? 


Think it is about time those boys retire back to the farm. 


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A least the candy called Cow Pies is a funny novelty. There's nothing all that funny about Goat Poop. 

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But they will sell ALOT and laugh all the way to the bank!  Marketing geniuses!!
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They will sell lots of this overpriced candy claiming they "hand dip each piece"  LOL!  I believe the saying is A fool and his money are soon parted.

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This will be the first Beekman special value on any network that I won't be buying. At least I'll be saving some money which is unusual for me when they are on

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@brandiwine...I think I read where this candy is made in Canada.

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Actually, the candy is really good.