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I just got a bottle of beekman body lotion and can't for the life of me get the pump to work.  There are directions on the bottle but they are not working.  I got the pump in and locked but it won't turn to the "open" stage!  Help!!

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On the body wash bottles that I have, there is a black piece around the pump.  Did you remove that?  Took me a while to figure that out since it looks like the actual bottle cap.

If that doesn't work, I'd call Beekman customer service directly.  They have great CS.

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Sometimes I get pump bottles that I cannot unlock, they just spin around. I learned from the WEN forum that you can take the pump put, grip the pump under the cap (I wipe it off and hold it with a paper towel) and then turn the top while you grip the part under the cap. That usually will unlock any stuck pump.


WEN usually includes the pump as an extra and it's easiest to do before inserting the pump, but since learning that trick, I've used it on several products that come with the pump inserted.

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Re: Beekman lotion

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I’ve had this happen with other products and not sure if this will work since I’ve never had a Beekman pump bottle.    But what I did was first unscrew and remove the pump from the bottle.  Wash the long tube off and dry the tube. Then grasp the tube near the very top (under where it connects to the screw-on top) and with the other hand turn the pump on top to the unlock position.  Then reinsert it into the bottle.   Hope it works for you!


edited to add - @Alison Wonderland beat me to it. 😃

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Thanks for the tips.  It certainly is crazy making when it happens.

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Nice to hear these tips.  I have trouble with many pump bottles --sometimes from hand soap from Bed, Bath and Beyond.