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Though I am not purchasing this set, I do find it interesting how the same scent differs from soap to body cream to hand cream to wipes. There are some soap scents I love but the same scent in the hand cream is terrible; in the body cream it's overwhelming; in the wipes, it's wonderful.


The Fig soap is a great scent for placing in drawers; it's not strong on the clothes but leaves a soft scent on them that is very nice. Same in closets. So, if everything else in the set works for you, cut the fig bar into smaller pieces and pop it into your linen closets, sweater drawer, etc. Just an idea : )

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Fragrance is very personal.  It's a combination of many factors.... including your own perceptions and body chemistry,  not to mention preferences.  Add to that the fact that scents often smell differently in different products... soaps vs. creams, etc.  This seems to be true across most brands,  if you read the reviews.  And with 'natural' ingredients,  there might be even more variation.  A manufacturer can control chemical elements much better than 'natural' ones.


If you like a brand or want to try the products,  the TS is a good way to start.   The pricing is excellent, and most people use soap and body cream (at least in the colder months).  But if you use a different brand or have no interest in either the products or the fragrances,  then pass it by.   I'm sure there will be others who are happy to have the opportunity to buy the TS.


As for stocking,  bravo to those who feel they have enough soap, etc. and can resist buying more,  even at a good price.  I wish I was part of this group. Smiley Happy


Another word on the strength of fragrances.   I find that with any new product,  the first few times I use it I notice the scent the most.  And especially if it's a product that goes on the face... like a face wipe or cleanser or cream.   But after about the 3rd day,  I don't notice the scent anymore.   In my experience,  most Beekman scents are light,  but that's a personal perception.  I love the grapefruit fragrance in the hand cream and it's relatively strong.   But the soap has a much softer fragrance, and of course it doesn't linger on the skin.   And the first few times I used the facial wipes I wasn't happy with the fragrance.  Now I don't notice it.


If you have bought a Beekman product and thought there was a problem (like the one the other poster mentioned regarding one of the soaps) or have a question,  then call the company CS directly.  Their CS is very good in my experience.

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@SixTsChick  Same here. I've been waiting to try Beekman, too. I am ordering the TS to try.

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Thanks for the heads-up Lavenderjunkie and kudos to whoever assembled the components of this TS!  This is a great selection as an intro to Beekman 1802 body products and it also would make a nice gift I think.


I am not at all surprised to see HSN already servicing customers of the Beekman line way better than Evile ever did -- this TS amounts to about $8.00/bar with the body cream coming at about $2.00.  Not to mention free shipping which Evile rarely musters for any merch except on rare days, when you can receive it by spending $75 or more only on their credit card.


Hope that all longtime customers and new customers alike will enjoy the line in its new TV home!  Woman Happy

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Is the Fig really scratchy? I am thinking about getting this TS for my brother who loves beekman soap. I will keep the Ylang Ylang bar or so I thought and substitute another bar for him out of my stash. 

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What a lovely idea.  I'm sure he will be pleased.

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While I do like and use certain Beekman products, this TS is an easy pass for me. I love the unscented goat milk products but find the scented products to be a little too perfumey for me as it triggers my asthma. The soaps aren't nearly as highly perfumed as the liquid products though.  I do like and use the unscented goat milk bar soaps. 


I did notice that if you choose the auto ship, they state that the body cream is only included in the first shipment. Something to keep in mind if the body cream is a deciding factor. 


I've already ordered and received a set of goat milk wipes and a set of the goat milk lip balms. Love those! I may order another set for back up. 

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Lab:  thanks for mentioning the body cream is only part of the first autoship.   Still a  good buy for 5 soap bars in the later shipments....  but not as fantastic a buy as the first shipment that includes the body cream.  These details weren't on the main product page,  they were in the autoship info page.... which I didn't read until you posted.

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Goats milk is a necessity for my skin. Beekmsn is not fresh goats milk, itvis flash frozen snd it does make a difference. Just an FY I. Im going to try sheep from a personal product creator soon as well as camel which is OFF THE CHARTS RICH IN WHAT WE NEED IN NATURAL ANTI AGING! Makes sense since they survive so well in horrible conditions. Im sure it can be found in a Mid Eastern products store, nowadays around the corner! They are finding camels in the melting glaciers!! Seems they once called North America home!

Saw a lot of great reviews in various places praising their buddy, Martha Stewart's new gig: hawking Mario Badesco, THERES S NEW LINE FOR YALL 


Badesco (sp?) is  GREAT. BETTER THAN BEEKMAN AND VERY FAIRLY PRICED ! Give it a try at Ulta (ugh)

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Thank you for mentioning about subsequent  auto ship. I would have not known coz I barely watch the shows & this info is only mentioned in the AS page. I would never check that. They should say that in the main page in bold letters. I will just order single ship & wait for the holiday shows! Have plenty of korres to finish up