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Beekman Falling Leaves Bounty Box

I know I probably sound like a whiner but, has ANYONE else had a problem getting their delivery of the Beekman Falling Leaves Bounty Box that was ordered on seasonal autodelivery?  I contacted Beekman and they said they has already sent all of the boxes to HSN a while back and they should have been distributed to all customers who had already paid for them.  I then called HSN CS and was told they are still waiting to get them out, the girl I spoke to was also waiting for hers though she just got the message that hers was "in process", and that I should just wait.  She assured me there was not a problem with my credit card.  I'm still waiting and just wondering if I'm basically the only one or is ANYone else having the same trouble.  (Misery loves company and all that Smiley Wink)

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Re: Beekman Falling Leaves Bounty Box

@guatmum- I had gotten an email quite awhile back that this box would be delayed.  I just checked the tracking on my order and it was finally delivered on October 30th.


So I'd say there's no excuse for the long delay with yours.  I don't think I'll bother with auto-ship in the future.  Especially when you see some of the limited edition boxes showing up for individual sale at a lower price.  (The Meadow Lark box is currently being sold separately and I could've gotten it for less than I paid.  My box was also damaged and they couldn't replace it at the time.)


I do know there were comments on another thread that some other people still haven't gotten their Falling Leaves shipment.  If Beekman is telling the truth (and I don't know why they wouldn't be), then it's HSN who's dragging its heels on this.