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Does anyone use the Milkshake Toner by Beekman.


I purchased it and was excieted to try it. I have Dry skin.


After I used it I noticed I was develing Milia under my eyes.


Was wondering if anyone else had that problem. Mila is so hard to get rid of it and I Purchased two bottles during the Ulta sale. Very disapointed.


Thank you to those who reply.!

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I've never had a problem with Beekman Milk Shake Toner and I have been using it for about five months. I love it.  And people I've given it to also loves it. I'm sorry you had a problem with it.

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Thank you for your reply. I liked it just developed white bumps (under my eyes) - Milia Don't know how to get rid of them. 

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Re: Beekman 1802 Toner

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Looking at my program line up for today, I see that Beekman has a show on-I guess one of those half hour shows on a beauty product like the eye bags one. Can't even remember what channel.

They sold the company, didn't they? Everything will change now.

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I have been using this toner, for about a month, as a quick pick me upper in the afternoon.  I haven't had any issues with it, thankfully.  That stinks it could have caused milia for you.  That is always so frustrating!  I hope you can get it figured out and taken care of.