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The team just said that the 6 cloths plus the little circles would be worth 148 dollars  I couldnt believe it  Chris said once that they were the puppy towels from his cleaning line  I wouldnt last long because I couldnt even say anything as outlandish as this  Do they think we are idiots?

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@mollymaggie I actually used one of the microfiber towels to remove makeup long before this.  They do work better than washcloths.  However, if you wear waterproof mascara you still need a makeup remover or cleanser esp for waterproof mascara. 

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I thought that the regular price seemed high too. But I’ve always wanted to try these cloths so I ordered the TSV and just received them yesterday. I tried one last night with just warm water and it really does work. They are super soft and did not leave my skin red. Mine did not shed at all.  My only wish is that they came in regular washcloth sized squares rather than the small round and oblong sizes.