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Nordstrom is having a big beauty event next week at the location near some out of town relatives (I don't have a Nordstrom in my area). They are doing makeup events with National Artists, gifts, mimosas, etc. Very girly-and I need some "girly" time after the past few months...with that being said-I am torn between the event at the Trish McEvoy counter or the Bobbi Brown counter. Both are with really good National Makeup Artists. They are offering a normal event and a workshop type event at both counters.

Have any of you ever done these type of events? Is it worth it? Which counter would you choose? I have been cleaning a bunch of makeup out and ready to get some new things.


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Do you have to choose? Can you book an appointment at one counter and then the other maybe an hour or and hour and half later?


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Is it a "trend event" that you're going to? Nordstrom usually has these a few times a year and I have been to 3 or 4 of them over the past few years. You pay ahead of time (about $20) for a ticket, but you get a certificate in that amount which can be redeemed at any counter that day.

They have a runway/fashion show-type thing with many different cosmetic lines being represented, and they tell you what's new for the season. They also have lots of giveaways but unfortunately I have never won anything. Be prepared for loud music too, and there are tables set up with free coffee, water, and cookies or other sweets.

You can schedule as many appts. at different counters as you like (calling the counter ahead of time to do so, they actually take appointments). Or you can just go there and wing it. Be aware that once the trend show is over, everybody flocks to the cosmetic counters and it is *very* crowded. They line up makeup chairs all along the main walkway, and even if you haven't made an appointment, you can find an open chair to get a consultation or have makeup applied. Most lines have a GWP which are listed in the program they give you.

I have never made an actual appointment but have managed to have consultations and makeup applied by different cosmetic lines. It's a lot of fun and definitely gives you some 'girly time'.