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Exactly! Love Love SB spray! Thought very same thing this morning after using 

on face, before bareminerals, and after. Yes, throughout the day,  best stuff!

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You’re welcome... glad you found it helpful!

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@simplyfriends wrote:



You’re welcome... glad you found it helpful!


It was more than helpful @simplyfriends - it REALLY showed me what this foundation was about, and how to get an optimum results with it.


I was even able to chase the tale of Bare Minerals TSV and bought probably the last one in Light color!  There was not too many choices for me left, but then again - there were none for me among the 8 colors they brought anyways.


I know, Bare Minerals have a LOT of shades in this foundation now. To my shame, at my age, I still do not know my exact shade.  I am not even sure, if I am a cool or warm color. I think, I am neutral.


This video pushes me forth to go to Sephora, and have them match BM classic foundation with my face, so I know what it is for sure.


I never tried BM powder foundation before in my life, only their liquid once, but I am fascinated with it from a video you posted for us.


So, I thank you much for the video that made me to really look into this product and to get serious with what's my color.


I also thank @Sweet_Serenity, who's post last night made me curious about yesterday's TSV I thought I totally did not care for.


Now I bought it too and can't wait to try, even though I know - I wont get a perfect for me color just yet. Woman Happy