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Hi all.  I just purchased Josie Maran's argan oil for the 1st time.  I have been using it on my hands and cuticles and around my eye area.  For those who use and love argan oil, can you suggest some other ways that I can use it?  Thanks!

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On my hair.  I message my scalp vigorously to get the results I want from the scalp to the hair tips.


I'm letting my hair grow from a buzz cut I've had for 40+ yrs.

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I use it as my facial moisturizer both morning and evening.
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I always use JM argan oil on my neck area every night, (along with the whole face)...Also the "upper arm area" underneath where it can get a bit "saggy"...I have used it there for years, and happy to say my skin looks great there...

My skin just loves her produts, from body butters to face care...enjoy yours



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Put a couple drops in your bath water, I also put some on my feet and sock up in the evening to make my feet softer.

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I put a drops on the spots I'm going to spray my fragrance. The scent lasts longer than on drier skin.


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@Mz iMac - I was thinking about putting it on my hair  and scalp.  Do you put it on and sleep in it?

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Thanks for all the great tips everyone!

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I use argan oil everywhere - I add to all my body lotions that are not Josie's till I finish them up.  The only place I won't use argan oil is in my hair since it is blonde and color treated.  I have been told by my hair dresser and also read that blondes should not use argan oil since it turns the color to yellow.  I have since stopped using the oil in my hair.  I am going to start using coconut oil on my hair now instead.

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I'm recovering from chemo, waiting for my hair to grow back. As suggested, i shampoo my scalp every day, but in addition, I've been using Josie's argan oil on my sparse hair and eyebrows, too. I think it's helping because the growth is coming in spurts, but it's coming.


I got a sample box from the Q of various argan oils and all seem fine, but it just happens I've been using up the Josie bottle first. It may be that it's the argan oil that's helping, not just her particular brand.