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I have never liked either Ulta or Sephora.  All that clutter and gobs of people pawing over everything.  

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I am a huge fan of Ulta! There is one within walking distance from my house, so I visit regularly, but agree the checkout process can be daunting. Our store is well organized, roomy, with friendly sales staff, and usually has everything I am looking for. I love the samples, and "free gifts".😊



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I go to Ulta to test colors, then buy the item from QVC because the Q offers a much better deal. Also, after Thanksgiving, Ulta has great $1 stocking stuffers and holiday gift sets. 

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I tend to order online from Ulta, even before the closure. They often have special bonus kits, gift with purchases. Lunch break offers, "buy $50 get a free kit of makeup, skincare, etc. Lasts just a few hours and I often miss the emails.


In the regular course of business the shipping is usually quick.

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not my favorite store

it has the look of a going out of business store,  inventory is always lean, even when they opened one near me and it's a mess


however when I was into IT I would go there to check out the colors 


I think Sephora is a better store to shop in,  

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I've found that each Ulta store is different.  Some are great and have everything in stock and others are out of a lot of items.  Never had a problem with checkout like some mentioned, doesn't take any longer than any other store.  


Their rewards system is fantastic, you can earn money pretty quickly if you're Platinum and take advantage of when they have extra points.  They are way better than Sephora as far as rewards.


One thing I dislike is that they won't give out samples.  I like to try samples of foundation or skincare before buying because my skin is hard to match and also breaks out easily.  Sephora is fantastic for samples.

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I love Ulta! My local Ulta is well stocked, employees are friendly and I love the deals, rewards and customer service. I get the majority of my makeup from Ulta.
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Ulta fan here.  The store nearby is new.  The staff very knowledgeable and helpful.  Great curbside service.

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Seems to be a hit & miss from time to time.

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Our Ulta is very clean and the sales people are very helpful and friendly! I do agree that checkout can be slow sometimes, but usually not too bad! I enjoy going in and looking even if I don't purchase anything! lol! Our Ulta is fairly new, maybe a few years old. I like Sephora as well, but the closest one to me is about an hour away.