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Re: Anyone receive the JM tanner TSV?

I received mine 2 weeks ago but haven't tried it yet. Waiting for warmer weather. However, Sephora has the new Vita Liberata that tans you in 10 minutes. It is getting wonderful reviews. After I finish JM may want to give that one a try. You rinse it off after 10 mintues then you don't have that self tanner smell hanging on.

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Re: Anyone receive the JM tanner TSV?

I have tried out the TSV in all its' glory and so far I am a fan.  I got it in the pina colada which I like alot - although more pineapple-y than coconut, which I suppose is accurate.  The color is very natural - liked it after only the one coat but went for the second coat to test run the tanner smell aspect of it.  I can definitely say it has a much more subdued self-tanner smell, which is saying alot!  I've tried many of the higher end tanners and this by far has a milder self-tanner scent - still there, but much less noticeable.


The illuminizing body butter I like - much more so than another one of hers that is more pink in tone which reads 'irridescent' if you will - I prefer the illumination of this one.


I'll weigh in on the lasting aspect of the color in due course.  I only yesterday applied it so I will let you know - stay tuned......